Sunday, 30 September 2012

Deirdre, by Linda Windsor

Deirdre is book number three in a fantastic series set in the sixth (or seventh?) century.  She is attempting to negotiate her brother's ransom and along the way falls prey to pirates. 
Alric's mother prophesied shortly before dying that Alric would meet a woman and she described Deirdre.  She described her clan's colours and her character.  Is this unbelieving Alric going to believe they were put together by God?  Will he make her his wife?  And what about the sinister plot that is afoot.  Someone is after the very kingdom.

A really great read.  I have mentioned that I enjoy Linda Windsor's writing.  I was sad to see the series end and I don't lightly say that.  Often when a series ends, I'm ready for it to end.  This time, I wanted there to be another novel! 

Highly recommended!

Saturday, 29 September 2012


Yes, I've been naughty.  I have read probably a dozen or so books this month but haven't blogged about any of them!  So this evening, I have reviewed four and will review more quite soon!   I just have to remember where I actually put the books I have finished reading!  This stack was in my room so they were easy to find. Either I need more book shelves, or I need to begin buying strictly Kindle editions because I have piles of books everywhere. 
Weight wise, I'm down 27 pounds right now and am still planning on losing a bunch more.  I fell off the exercise wagon in August and September and really need to get going at that again.
I'm hoping that all these book reviews are coming in handy to someone out there!  I don't mind telling you that my first 'not-so-positive review' is coming soon!

Heart of Glass, by Jill Marie Landis

I had been waiting for this book!  I read book number one and was hooked by the storyline.  Book number two was also fascinating so of course, I couldn't WAIT for book number three.  And I was not disappointed! 

Heart of Glass, the third book in the Irish Angel Series finds us rooting for Kate Keene.  She arrives at her friend's childhood home to find it in ruins.  After paying the back taxes, she determines that she'll fix it up.  But Belle Fleuve's owner, Colin Delany, doesn't want anything to do with her or her new pet project.  He wants her off his property and away from his injured self.

This book was so much different than book one and two yet totally an interesting read.  Jill Marie Landis knows how to write a great novel.

I will warn you that some titles by this author are not Christian fiction.  I'm assuming that, somewhere along her path, she had a come to Jesus moment because her works now have a Christian flare.  I prefer this style of writing so heartily recommend this author.  I do challenge you, however, to thumb through her novels to find out if it's worth your read.  For myself, I can be assured by the publisher.  If it's put out by Zondervan, I'm pretty sure I'm getting a 'clean' novel.  If you're diligent, you won't pick up one of her older works by mistake.

A Duke's Promise, by Jamie Carie

I picked this book up on sale at The Treasure House and started reading it.  I was a few pages in when I realized this must be part of a series.  I found out it's book number three.  While a tiny bit confusing as it hinted at past events, I was able to read it as a stand alone and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. 

I have read a few of Jamie Carie's books and I enoy the writing style.  It just seems to flow from one page to the next and I liked the edge of suspense.

The newly married Duke and Duchess of St. Easton set out to find her missing parents.  They travel under the guise of their 'honeymoon' so they can get away to Italy.  Many trials and tribulations along the way  make for a great storyline.

I recommend this book.

Lethal Legacy by Irene Hannon

Irene Hannon is in my top ten list of favourite authors.  I definitely recommend her writing.  She has a fantastic blend of suspense, mystery and a touch of romance.  Lethal Legacy is the final book in the Heroes of Quantico Series.  I have read all three books in the series and enjoyed each one.

Lethal Legacy follows Detective Cole Taylor.  Disgruntled by a past event, he has fallen away from God and finds himself attracted to a woman on the case he is working.  He wants to get to know her better but has a personal work ethic and she doesn't want to get involved with anyone that lives in the fast lane.  She wants a solid, Christian man....can Cole BE that man?

I loved Cole's character.  He is honourable and strong but doesn't crush a girl with his expectations.  He treats his love interest with gentleness and determines to watch out for her.  Kelly has had so many rough moments but is such a trooper.  I hoped they would get together in the end as I am a complete sucker for a happy ending.  I won't tell you how it ended but I will say that I was impressed with how the crime was resolved.

Riona, Linda Windsor

Riona is book number two in the Fires of Glennmara series.  I really enjoyed this series.  I found the writing refreshing and the hero all too human.  The love interest of Kieran, the warrior king was feisty and wouldn't take any 'guff' from Kieran.  I loved the the suspense in the book as well.  It was not predictable and I will definitely be reviewing book number three for you all soon!

Kieran makes a promise to his dying friend to marry Riona and keep her safe.  He would give his life for her if necessary.  Now, to only convince Riona that marriage is the best answer.  The problem is she feels like she should wed the church, not a mere man, and a wholly frustrating one at that! 

Linda Windsor is one of my top ten favourite authors and I highly recommend her novels to anyone who loves a little romance mixed in with a little mystery and some sixth century history.